Handling your faulty garbage disposal

A garbage disposal system is quite an essential machine which can operate for several years in a trouble-free way, if it is taken good care of. However, the problem lies in the fact that this is one of those machines which tends to break down easily or develop snags. It can get stuck and completely stop functioning. However, the good news is that to a certain extent you can take care of the garbage disposal system and carry out a few repairs yourself before professionals step in.

So, how do you tackle a system when the garbage disposal unit doesn’t work? You can try out a few things. If these do not work, you can call professionals who will find out more about the problem and find a solution.

·         You need to first push the reset button which lies on the bottom. You can try it a number of times to get it working once again.

·         You need to check that the cord is plugged in an electrical outlet. You can reset the circuit breaker which supplies it.

·         If you hear a humming sound, you should never run the unit. If you wish to clear the jam, you get try to put in a one fourth inch wrench in the specific hole, which lies just below the garbage disposal system. You can crank it in different directions which will help in clearing the impellers.

Another major problem of the garbage disposal system is leakage. If you notice this happening, you can find the source of the leakage and try to fix it yourself with the DIY kits easily available. If you find this doesn’t work out, wait for inspection by the professionals.

There are times when the motor of the system burns out. This might be due to repeated usage or due to some technical problem – you will have to buy a new one in such a situation. However, it is best to get it inspected by professionals, who will be able to recommend you the most feasible option. In case you find that the garbage disposal system cannot be repaired, you need to have it replaced.

How to avert a plumbing failure

It’s really intriguing when you understand that you are about to or already facing a plumbing crisis. Whenever we are in such a situation, we try and explain not to repeat the same mistake again and take the necessary precautions well in advance. If the mistake is something related to your plumbing system, the consequences can be really serious. You might just discover that an entire floor is under water or you have damaged an appliance irreparably. It is important to undertake all activities which help in averting a plumbing failure and save yourself from the trauma and harassment.

Check The Material:

You need to understand that the material used in making the fixtures or pipes come with some life expectancy. This happens due to several factors which include hard water. You also need to know that PVC drain lines are usually available for a shorter life span. Copper pipes are known to last for a long time. Thus, it is important to remember how old the pipe is and if it is completely capable of carrying out its functions as expected. It is known that brass as well as cast iron pipes serve their purpose for a long time.

Check Leaching:

At times pipes tend to leach and this can cause a great deal of harm to the water. If this is not repaired on time, it can lead to many health problems. Homeowners should keep a watch for leaching and ensure that the plumbing system is in good condition for a long time.

Brown Material:

Does the water in sink or the tub appear to be a bit brown? Is it yellow in color? If you can see a change in color, it means that there is some problem with the pipes. The pipes might be collecting some rust particles.  You need to get your pipes checked by plumbers and if needed have them replaced.


Keep a watch for corrosion or for other signs of damage. There might be some kind of damping or even discoloration which all suggests that your plumbing system is not in good shape. If there are leakages in the area, you might have to replace the system. In such a situation, it is best to call your plumber and get the property inspected.

Protect The Pipes:

If you wish to avoid a few plumbing emergencies, you need to ensure that the pipes are well protected. This can be done by getting them regularly checked for problems. If such check is carried out by professionals it is possible to detect any probable problem.

If a few of such things are taken care of, it is possible to avert some plumbing problems.

Qualities of a good plumber

Whether you live in a new home or an older home, you are always in need of a plumber. A plumber is an official doctor of your house’s plumbing system. Plumbing is one of the most important and significant system of home and provides services ranging from bathing and drinking water to sewage removal and more.

Since plumbing systems are complexes, a homeowner needs to hire a trustworthy and efficient plumber to install a new plumbing system or to repair the older one. Hiring a good plumber is really a tough job. Everyone claims that he or she is the best plumber of the world. But, in reality, it may not be so. Before hiring a plumber, check whether the plumber has these qualities. This article will give you a few tips in this matter.

Licensing and Certification:

Every good plumber is a license holder. This is a proof that he or she has adequate knowledge in plumbing matters and has gone through a proper training. Unless he passes certain tests, he will not get the license or certificate. So, licensed plumber is always the best. While hiring a plumber for your home, do not forget to check his or her certificate.


While hiring a plumber especially in emergency time, see whether he is insured or not. He should have plumbing insurance to protect against a number of risks. By chance if any such unwanted situation arises  insurance policy will cover the risk and you do not have to take the responsibility.


Experience perhaps is the most important factor while hiring a plumber. Unless a plumber has enough experience, he will not be able to offer quality service to you. Experience is something which you cannot gain overnight, with time you will gain it. Over time a plumber gains knowledge through different experiences. For a simple task a novice is ok but, for complex work an experienced plumber is needed.

A Plumber Should be Well Equipped and Mechanically Inclined:

Some plumbing situations are so complex that only analytical mind and manual help is not enough. You need the help of equipment to get the job done. Plumbers of reputed and good plumbing company are well equipped with modern gadgets and machines. Not only that, they also are experts to handle those gadgets.

Punctuality and Reliability:

Punctuality is one of the needed qualities of a plumber. It should be noticed whether he arrives your place on time. If she arrives in his work in time, it is expected that he will finish his job on time. If the plumber is reliable enough and has good work attitude, then he should complete the job during the time frame indicated.

Thorough with Estimates:

Like any other profession honesty is the most valuable quality in plumbing profession also. Before starting your plumbing service take a clear written estimate from your plumber after making a close inspection of the problem by him. Though it is a very tough job to know exactly what will be the cost, but a close estimate will make you aware of the expenditure.

Importance of hiring a licensed plumber

We are all told that if we hire a plumber, we need to ensure that the provider is licensed. But what is the necessity of hiring a licensed provider?


There are many providers which offer services and many of these are unlicensed and available at cheaper rate. Do not be tempted to hire a provider just because the provider is cheap. You need to make sure that your contractor is licensed otherwise you might just end up paying much more.


What is a plumbing license?


A plumbing license is provided to a plumber only after it is ensured that the contractor or the plumber has received the necessary training. The contractor is well aware of all the plumbing regulations existing. Also, a license is provided, after the applicants have successfully taken the examination. There is a proof of their qualification which demonstrates their competence.

Thus, it is quite necessary to hire plumbing contractors who have a valid license.


They Have The Best Tools:


Licensed people have the right understanding, knowledge and skills necessary for the job. They have the appropriate tools which are necessary. Even if they are visiting your premises to fix one broken pipe, they will bring the right tools.


They Are Aware of City and State Codes:


Cities usually have rules regarding the usage of specific pipes. Homeowners are not aware of the requirements. Plumbers are aware of the existing rules and regulations, especially one which is relates to sewer lines. Licensed providers abide by all rules and regulations when they carry out their jobs.


If you choose to hire licensed providers, you are assured that your job will be carried out the most efficiently. There are no risks involved. You do not have to worry about the quality of work done, because these people are the best and they will never go wrong.